Sydney, Australia

Sydney is the most populated and cosmopolitan city in Australia and it certainly has a bit of a buzz about it. We aren’t exactly city lovers, but we couldn’t help but be impressed with the city’s skyline. The harbour is a hub of activity; the iconic Sydney Opera House is surrounded by fancy bars and restaurants filled with tourists and city workers alike. After exploring the harbour and walking across the imposing Sydney Harbour Bridge, we took to the shops to get ourselves some warmer clothes ready for autumn in New Zealand.

The city is surrounded by beaches and national parks so it isn’t hard to escape the hustle and bustle. We caught the train out to the Blue Mountains and walked some of the popular trails along sheer cliff edges, through the forest and down to the valley floor. There were some pretty spectacular viewpoints and waterfalls along the way too!

We also visited the famous Bondi Beach on a rather busy Sunday afternoon. The beach was jam packed, quite a contrast to the deserted beaches we found in the Philippines, but it was fun to sit and watch the surfers ride the waves. We walked along the coast, passing coves and quieter beaches, before reaching Coogee beach just before sunset.

Next stop: Christchurch, New Zealand